In Central New York,
it’s worth


In Central New York, it’s easy to know your health when you choose Quest Diagnostics.


you have a choice

You make a conscious choice about your doctor, but when it comes to your lab, most people don’t realize they have a choice. You do have a choice, and the power to choose the best is in your hands.


you can lower your costs

Quest Diagnostics is covered by nearly every major health plan in New York, and that can save you out-of-pocket expenses and help reduce your overall healthcare costs.


your health

With Quest Diagnostics at your side, you can get the information you need to take charge of your health. This means more informed conversations with your doctor, and more informed decisions about your healthcare.


With MyQuest, you get the convenience of being able to get your test results online from any device, quickly schedule Quest Diagnostics appointments from your phone and tablet, get medication reminders, and much more.


we’re here

We're an integral part of the fabric of Central New York — our local labs are staffed and run by your friends and neighbors.

Our neighborhood Patient Service Centers are located across the region for your convenience.